GameSeat - FAQ

What are the differences in quality compared to, for example, Playseat?
Our GameSeat MAXRF1 uses 4 stainless steel telescopes, so they can never rust. In addition, the telescopes do not damage when the steering column and pedals plate are moved. All basic models of Playseat use one coated telescope. When adjusting the Playseat, this is quickly damaged. In addition, having 1 telescope quickly gives a lot of room for manoeuvre.

Is the GameSeat stable in comparison to a Playseat or Next Level Racing racing sim?
Because the GameSeat MAXRF1 uses 4 telescopes, 2 to guide the steering column and the pedal plate and 2 telescopes as struts, our GameSeat is extremely stable. On the struts it is easily possible to mount a TV or monitor stand.

What are the dimensions and weight of the GameSeat box?
The GameSeat MAXRF1 comes in a box which is 80 x 50 x 45 cm. The weight of the GameSeat Racing Simulator is 36 kg (excl. TV, racing wheel and race pedals).

What are the dimensions of the GameSeat when assembled?
When the GameSeat MAXRF1 is fully assembled, it measures 150 x 55 x 80 cm.

Which sizes of screens fit on the stand?
Flat screens/gaming monitors up to 65 inches can be mounted on the struts, with a maximum weight of 50 kg. For the ultimate racing experience, we recommend a curved TV or gaming monitor. This way you'll feel even more like you're racing on the track.
NOTE: For the first series of GameSeat MAXRF1, the slot holes in the mounting feet will have to be drilled from 6 mm to 8 mm.

Is there a user manual present in the box?
At this moment there is no user manual in the box, this is of course being worked on. The GameSeat MAXRF1 Racing Simulator is designed in such a way that it's child's play to assemble. Still need some help with the assembly, watch our assembly video

Do all controls and pedals fit on the GameSeat?
All common racing wheels and pedals fit on the GameSeat MAXRF1. The only exception to this are the first production racing wheels and pedals from Fanatec. However, if you are handy with a drill, the holes are drilled quickly.

What length and weight can the chair carry?
The GameSeat MAXFR1 can be used by everyone, from children from 7 years old to adults with a length of 2 meters. Maximum load for the GameSeat MAXFR1 is 150kg.

Which Racing Simulators can I compare the GameSeat with in terms of functions?
The GameSeat MAXRF1 Racing Simulator is unique in its kind. Of course there are other Racing Simulators available on the market, but these are less easy to adjust. Whether you need to switch from Rally/Race mode to Formula 1 position or adjust the GameSeat from a smaller to a larger person, with the GameSeat MAXRF1 it's a matter of seconds! In addition, the 4 telescopes offer the GameSeat extra stability compared to the other Racing Simulators.

What about the warranty on the GameSeat?
The GameSeat MAXRF1 comes with a 5-year warranty. We can give this guarantee, because our Racing Simulator is very well and solidly developed with reinforcements in all corners of the frame. In addition, they are also professionally welded and the frame is provided with an epoxy coating.

How soon can I have my order delivered?
If the order is placed before 16.00 hours, the GameSeat MAXRF1 will be delivered the next day. When the order has been paid for, you will receive a Track & Trace code from DHL. This way you can see exactly when the GameSeat will be delivered to your home.

Is it true that Next Level Racing also sells a Racing Simulator where the seat can be adjusted from Rally to F1?
Next Level Racing also offers the possibility to adjust their Racing Simulator from Rally to F1 position. On their own website they indicate that it takes about 10 minutes to adjust. That's 10 minutes less racing fun! With the GameSeat MAXRF1 the adjustment from Rally to F1 is a matter of seconds.
To adjust the Next Level Racing Simulator from Rally to F1 position, you need to use extra parts that are included. In addition, a cushion should be placed in the backrest for a slightly better F1 position.

What are the differences with the Playseat F1 Racing Simulator?

  • Non-adjustable from Rally to F1 position
  • Not adjustable in a cockpit shape 
  • Front frame is not adjustable in desired F1 or Rally position
  • The Playseat Racing Simulator is not suitable for children up to 12 years old.
  • Difficult to adjust by children
  • Hard plastic seat, therefore the seating isn't comfortable
  • Assembly is not easy and takes a lot of time
  • Difficult to store
  • The price....the GameSeat MAXRF1 is considerably cheaper than the F1 Racing Simulator from Playseat. 

Mounting and adjusting the bucket seat
When adjusting the seat, always fold the backrest all the way down before putting it back for adjustment. Do not use force to put the chair in position.

Service and warranty
GameSeat offers a 5-year warranty on the Racing Simulator. We strive for the highest possible level of service, so don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

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